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Just like everything else you rely on in life, a regular program of network and computer maintenance can help you minimize the inconvenience and, more importantly, the high cost of downtime.

We can customize a Preventative Maintenance Program to the needs of your office. Why should you give consideration to enrolling in our preventitive maintenance program?

Advantages of a regular preventitive maintenance program include:

  • Regular Monthly service
  • Service priority
  • Minimized down-time
  • Environment awareness results in speedier repairs
  • Monitoring of network health
  • Installation of Windows critical security updates
  • Cleanup of unwanted tagalong software
  • Defragmentation and optimization of hard disk
  • Check for potential hardware failures

A good backup is something you may not think much about, until you need it. But here are some questions to consider:

  • If your server, or even a key workstation, quits working today, how would that affect your business?
  • How long would it take to get your business in full operation again if you had to restore from your current backup?
  • If your recent backups have not been successful would you know about it before you need to rely on them?

Reliable backups are essential for your disaster recovery plan. A good backup plan involves more than just copying critical files. We can help you establish and monitor your data backups thus reducing your downtime in case of system failure.

Choosing the right hardware can be a daunting and time consuming task. Whether you're looking for a new server, workstation, networking hardware or other IT equipment we can help.

Partnered with some of best hardware vendors, we can design and configure hardware solutions for every budget.

Finding and implementing an adequate security solution for your business is not something to leave to chance. For the best security multiple layers of compatible hardware and software are needed.

Choosing the best protection and most comprehensive solution is vital to guard against the latest Internet threats, which in turn secures your business. We provide security solutions with award-winning technologies and products.